VICTORY: Katie Hopkins wins complaint against UK media

You’ll remember that I travelled to South Africa earlier this year, to report on the genocide of the nation’s white farmers.

At one point, I suffered a fall that dislocated my left arm. Paramedics rushed to the scene and administered ketamine, to help control the pain while we rushed to the hospital.

Unfortunately, the UK mainstream media decided to run fake news stories about the incident, claiming that I had been “deported from South Africa for taking ketamine.”

This was false. 

It is also false that I was “detained for spreading racial hatred” — which was the Daily Mirror‘s idea of a “correction.”

I’ll explain what really happened on that front, too…

So I filed an official complaint. And the good news is, the Independent Press Standards Organisation has just ruled in my favor, and against the Daily Mirror.

This is a victory for me, The Rebel Media and everyone who cares about the truth.

I want to thank all of you for your support and encouragement. And to tell you that, as promised, the full-length documentary, which YOU crowdfunded, about what I saw and heard in South Africa will be coming out very soon.

All the name calling in the world won’t stop me from getting the truth out, and standing up for the victims of South African torture, rape and murder.

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