Trump’s Walk of Fame star may be removed permanently — so what about Bill Cosby’s?

The five members of West Hollywood City Council have passed a unanimous resolution calling for the removal of Donald Trump’s star from the Walk of Fame.

They blame the costs of repeated vandalism; it was last sledgehammered on July 25, by some saddo still sleeping in his mum’s spare room.

But the final decision still has to be made. The Mayor of Los Angeles and the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce have the final say.

(Since Mayor Eric Garcetti’s  campaign slogan is STOP DONALD TRUMP, something tells me he’s going to back the city council…)

Big questions remain:

Will the Chamber of Commerce now stand by their previous position that stars are part of the historical fabric of the Walk, no matter what? It’s why Bill Cosby’s star is still standing.

And if they do remove Trump’s star, what’s the message they are sending?

If you vandalise something often enough if might be removed? If you don’t agree with something, then break it? Is that really a good message for a city council to send? If I don’t like the LAPD and take a sledgehammer to their station, will you remove that too?

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