SHOCKING attack on Paris woman “is a mark of where our society is at”

Marie Laguerre strolls home in the early evening in Paris in a bright red dress, minding her own business. She is walking past a cafe in Paris when a bearded man harasses her in the street.

She said he made grunting noises and sexual remarks about her body.

So she told him to shut up. She refused to look down. Refused to submit.

Determined she should fall at his feet, sexually or physically, he stalked her down and punched her in the face. Hard.

Watch the other women closest to the camera. Watch the men in the far corner, slouched on their chairs.

Watch what happens as she is hit, and after. A few good men express outrage, one even grabs a chair.

But from the rest —nothing.

In fact, less than nothing. The rest actively try to disappear. The women don’t even move.

And you may say that’s ok…

Social science and psychology suggests this is normal. Bystander responses to emergency situations show this to be typical, a result of devolved responsibility to the state, and social acceptance of family disputes and fights, all rolled into one.

But what the actual hell? You sat there and did nothing.

What happened to being an empowered woman? What happened to “solidarity, sister”? Women love to march about in stupid hats waving placards to announcing “My vagina is made of steel,” but when push comes to shove, or punch. They make like bad dog owners and hope the shit goes away.

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What’s with you girls? Or are you only empowered when you’ve got a hashtag, or whinging in packs with placards.

As much as the men are disappointing, young feminists have lobotomised liberal men. Only the truly spineless can accept the nonsense pushed by the diversity mafia. Screaching women’s marchers demanded eunuchs and got them. So don’t suddenly expect them to suddenly find testicular fortitude when some bearded bully slams a woman into the deck for failing to submit.

You know, this video does not just show Marie Laguerre being assaulted in the street. It is a mark in time of where our society is at.

It shows other women would rather submit than risk standing up.

It shows that Western Europe no longer finds a woman being thumped by a man shocking enough to react.

And it shows preservation of self matters more than preservation of civilised society. That this is somehow, someone else’s problem. As long as I’m alright, jack.

This video shows the results of removing personal accountability, confusing gender, dismantling the traditional family — and in turn destroying the very fabric of society to which we once felt we belonged.

My big question from this video is, next time this happens, what would you do? Would you be prepared to fight back

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