“Plaasmoorde: the Killing Fields”: My documentary about the genocide of white South Africans is now available

After many months of crowdfunding, and more months filming on location and editing hours and hours of video, my documentary “Plaasmoorde: the Killing Fields” — is now all yours.

I say “yours” because this vital project — to get reveal the truth about what is happening in South Africa today — was only possible thanks to the crowdfunded donations of Rebel Media supporters around the world.

This movie is hard to watch…

I talk to Marietta, whose face was blown away by a shotgun blast,  and Mariandra, who buried her husband after he was shot at point black range in his home. She gave birth to their first son five days later.

And Bernard, whose own father was bludgeoned to death on his driveway and whose young sons now want to end their lives to be with their grandfather.

But I hope and pray you will watch it.

Because these and other white farmers, many of whom have been farming the land for generation after generation, are now being violently driven from their homes, and, in increasing numbers, tortured, robbed and murdered.

Please visit KillingFieldsMovie.com and download your documentary.

The suggested donation is £3 or US$4, to help us cover the additional costs of creating and promoting this essential film. In return, I would love to send you my free companion book, Plaasmoorde, as a gift to thank you for helping this story be told.

Please watch, share, repeat. Working together, the truths of the white farmers of South Africa will be told.

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