Finally! The UK has a date with The Donald!

President Donald Trump will be visiting the UK on Friday, 13 July.

Unlucky for some. Particularly if you are the knee-high Muslim Mayor of London, currently presiding over a capital whose crime record is worse than Ted Bundy’s.

Despite being promised a full state visit with blaring bugles and red carpets, Trump has been downgraded and is now being offered a “working visit.” This is the wedding-guest equivalent of being bumped out of the church onto the evening-only guest list.

It is a real pity. Britain is great at pomp, and avid Trump supporters like my good self were thoroughly excited by the thought of Trump being trotted through London in a gilded carriage by some fine-looking beasts, waving to the crowds with the wind in his spectacular hair.

Knowing how this big, brash American would have squealed like a child at the thrill of taking tea with the Queen would have cheered me too. He deserves it after the cr*p the media has put him through.

Trump has real respect for the monarchy and would not have been shy about showing it. Which would have been a great thing for Britain. And a great thing for our two countries.

But despite the downgrade, he is coming.

We will still get to see his fierce handshakes and male posturing at close range. He will grip hold of some unsuspecting she-male from the BBC and half-drag them to their knees. A handshake tug o’ war between Trump and Boris will be the comedy stuff of legend. And if Corbyn proffers his feeble hand of Hamas, I can’t see him lasting very long.

The little Mayor of Londonistan is not taking this lying down. (Although, given his height, it is hard to know when he is standing up, as opposed to kneeling.)

He was always against a state visit; something to do with a “Muslim ban,” I suspect. And he is back at it again, inciting Londoners to protest against the visit, opining that Trump is not welcome here.

He is wrong.

These are his personal views. These are not the views of London. And to infer as much is to do a disservice to the credibility of the office of London Mayor, who tweeted:

“If he comes to London, President Trump will experience an open and diverse city that has always chosen unity over division and hope over fear. He will also no doubt see that Londoners hold their liberal values of freedom of speech very dear.”

British people are furious with Khan, for all sorts of reasons.

Tweets like this are an embarrassment; we would tell off our ten-year-olds for writing this sort of thing.

Khan talks about freedom of speech as if it is something that still exists in the UK, despite the de-facto sharia law that is in place, his Stasi-style Tweet-Police, and a recent ban on American and Canadian activists from entering the UK on the grounds of “future hate speech as yet unsaid.”

London is in a mess. Crime is at an all-time high, stabbings are a daily occurrence, and black gangs are in control. Schools no longer organize trips to the city because it is simply not safe.

According to the Metropolitan Police Service, homicide is up 44 per cent, robbery is up 35 per cent, burglary is up 12 per cent and rape is up 18 per cent. The murder rate has overtaken New York and is predicted to be higher than at any time in the last 13 years. This is Khan’s doing.

Secondly, London is not Britain. It is but one city, containing 13 per cent of the total population. Sadiq Khan does not even speak for all of it – just the hard left and the Islamic massive. It may surprise people to know there are Conservatives in London who are firm supporters of Trump, and a massive Gay Army who are also devotees (#GaysForTrump). You can’t hear their voice because they are silenced in the media.

I live in a great little place called The Rest of the UK. Its voice – the voice of 75 per cent of the country – is barely audible in the national press, and unrepresented on the global stage.

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But it is powerful still.

We roared when we won the vote for Brexit, and the Establishment and the left have yet to recover from our noise. Millions of real Brits are thrilled Trump is coming to the UK, and would have offered him the fabulous British welcome he deserves, were he to have visited anywhere but London.

It is a simple fact that Britain needs Trump’s tough talk.

Unsurprisingly, the Mayor has the support of the hard left, which is currently mired in anti-Semitism. Another vertically challenged individual, Owen Jones, is using Facebook to coordinate a protest in the city, and so far has 33,000 signatures, mostly from unemployed vegans with nothing else to do, who are grateful for the excuse for a day out with a banner and a beer and an opportunity to listen to the sound of their own voices and to post selfies to themselves.

Jones had the audacity to go on morning TV and say that, “most of the country are against Donald Trump so they need to protest and stand up for their beliefs.”

It is typical of the arrogance of the hard left and London’s Trump-haters that they presume to speak for MOST of the country.

Some fear the protests drummed up by Khan and Jones, and are suggesting that Trump should avoid London.

Six Conservative groups have written to Mr Trump urging him to focus his visit on his “ancestral home,” Scotland, where his mother was born.

Ben Harris-Quinney, chairman of the Bow Group, said:

“A visit to London by the president is likely to draw major protests, crime and disorder, and we do not wish to see Britain or President Trump embarrassed by this.”

He added:

“Many in Britain… wish for President Trump to be afforded the warmest of welcomes. Sadly that will not be the case in London.”

These are dark times for Britain. We have failed to deliver on the promise of a state visit to the most powerful man on the planet, and we have let the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, steal a march on us.

We are reduced to having to advise the democratically elected President of the United States to avoid our capital city because of a handful of protesters from the hard left who are being encouraged by the Mayor.

This is the idiocy of the narrative in London, a city which increasingly feels like a foreign body part transplanted onto the torso of the UK.

Khan’s achievements in office include record crime, murder and rape rates – oh, and acid attacks up too, by 78 per cent.

Trump’s achievements speak for themselves: black unemployment is at its second-lowest rate since records began, illegal border-crossings are at an historic low, and employment in the service sector is at an all-time high.

Trump also signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on 22 December. In addition to slashing the corporate tax rate from 35 per cent to 21 per cent, the landmark legislation cut individual rates for all income tax levels, doubled the child tax credit to $2,000, and dramatically increased the standard deduction.

This is without mentioning regulation cuts (Trump ultimately cut 22 regulations for each new one enacted in 2017) or the travel ban.

I could go on.

Perhaps it is this that the hard left and the Islamic massive fear so very much: a powerful politician, democratically elected by 62 million people, capable of delivering results for the masses, not the metropolitan few.

And so I say to America: be clear – London does not speak for us. Sadiq Khan does not speak for us.

It is a tragedy that we live in a country where the capital has fallen so far that it no longer represents the country or the people.

There are millions of people in The Rest of the UK who cannot wait to welcome Trump to our country and are grateful to every American who voted for Trump and for the success he has brought to America.

Trump has Made America Great Again. If only we had Trump, perhaps we would be saying the same for Britain too.

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