How Israel’s wall is really a SYSTEM — that works

Did you know that Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus, is now 88 per cent Muslim? Is it therefore any wonder that Israel needs a wall to protect its citizens? But it isn’t just a wall. Israelis consider it an entire system, and it works.

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Israel’s wall “is the model America needs on its southern border”

Trump’s people should come to Israel and study their border security wall. It’s the model they should replicate at the U.S. southern border.

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Israel is literally building bridges between itself and a former enemy, Jordan

Sheila Gunn Reid and I are reporting from along the Israel-Jordan border, near a bridge that, when completed, will span the two countries. During the decades since the King of Jordan expelled Palestinian troublemakers, his kingdom and Israel have lived side by side in relative peace. However, the standard of living enjoyed by the two …

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“Assad is the best monster we have”

Over my shoulder, you can see Syria, and hear the bombs going off, like they’ve done for about seven years. Here in Israel, the thing they fear most is an influx of Syrian rebels and refugees over that border, bringing with them the forces of Iran. We often hear that Assad is a monster, but …

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By land and sea, Israel is surrounded by enemies

You can’t build walls in the sea, so here at the border between Israel and Lebanon, the border is marked by demarkation buoys, and guarded by ships carrying missiles.

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“Being pro-Israel in the UK has got me into quite a lot of trouble”

I gave this talk to over 300 Rebel fans during my first visit to my “natural home,” Israel.

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Israel mayor: “We’ve already won”

Alon Davidi, the mayor of Sderot, Israel told me about living  in “the 15 second zone,” when he and his large family have to find shelter during the incessant attacks from across the border.

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A message to Trump from Israel: “Build that wall DOWN”

Standing at the border of Gaza and Israel, I can see smoke rising from the kites that Palestinians use to set fire to Israeli crops. I also see the wall that separates the two regions — but what I can’t see is what’s below that wall: It actually goes down 40 meters beneath the ground, …

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“What’s it like to live your life as the target of someone else’s hate?”

This children’s play centre in Sderot, Israel is unique: It’s also a series of bomb shelters…

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Katie undercover: Anti-Brexiteers insist “the people didn’t know what they were voting for”

At last weekend’s big anti-Brexit march through London, “Joan the Remainer” (a.k.a., Katie Hopkins in a brunette wig) interviews everyday Brits from the Remain camp about the original Brexit vote and their desire for a “do-over.” “The people who voted leave were tricked,” one demonstrator stated. Doesn’t it matter that the British people ALREADY voted …

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