Islam, Germany and the “far-right”: Journalist Michael Stürzenberger

Jailed for sharing an authentic photograph of a Nazi’s meeting with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Michael Stürzenberger is an activist, journalist — and a very brave man. We talked about the threat of Islamism in Germany and how this is connected to the growing popularity of “right wing” political parties.

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Germany: Merkel’s party headed for losses

While covering the German election,  I met with members of the Christian Social Union to talk about the party’s low standing in opinion polls. They tried to present a brave face. Is this decline in popularity Merkel’s fault, I asked, or is something else at play?  

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Dear you, appreciate the mundane moments

Dear you I just spent some time in a hospice visiting a friend. She’s just like you or me, except she’s dying, and she knows it. So there are a few things I want to share with you while we’ve got a bit of time. As comfy as my friend looks in her clever bed …

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British prisons need a “military grade intervention”

What’s it going to take? Does a British prison officer have to die trying to do their job to make the government listen? Will a death suffice? In the absence of government action, another six officers have taken the hit. Following an outbreak of violence at HMP Long Lartin Prison, which began Sunday morning, six …

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An in-depth conversation with Tommy Robinson

Shortly after Tommy Robinson was released from prison, I sat down with him in a London studio. Our conversation covered his past — the changes in his hometown of Luton that prompted him to learn more about Islam, and start fighting against creeping sharia law — and his future: What does he think will happen …

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“Plaasmoorde: the Killing Fields”: My documentary about the genocide of white South Africans is now available

After many months of crowdfunding, and more months filming on location and editing hours and hours of video, my documentary “Plaasmoorde: the Killing Fields” — is now all yours. I say “yours” because this vital project — to get reveal the truth about what is happening in South Africa today — was only possible thanks to …

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Talking with Michal Rachon, the Tucker Carlson of Poland

During my visit to Poland, I was invited to be a guest on the nation’s most popular political program. It’s hosted by Michal Rachon, who I call the Tucker Carlson of Poland. We had a wide ranging conversation about the rise of the so-called “far right” in Europe, the decline of the UK, and much more!

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“Last year, British police arrested 9 people a day for hate speech online”

Earlier this month, I was invited to address diplomats and ambassadors from 57 countries the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe on various pressing issues. Here, I testified about the war being waged on free speech across the continent: In the United Kingdom, “hurty: words have become a policing priority. In London – where …

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Polish MP Dominik Tarczyński: Why “Poland has had ZERO terror attacks”

Across Europe, parties promising to reduce immigration and fight harder against the illegal variety, are gaining in popularity. With that in mind, I travelled to Poland, which already has strictly enforced laws in place, and has long opposed Merkel’s reckless embrace of mass migration. I  met with Dominik Tarczyński, MP for the Law and Justice …

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Record numbers of parents choose home schooling because “Wales is at war over a dead language”

In the United Kingdom, the number of children being home schooled has leapt by 40% in the last three years. In Wales, which regularly ranks lowest in the UK in terms of education, the trend is even more startling. I visited Wales to learn why more and more regular mums were pulling their children out …

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