South Africa: “This is not just about land. It’s about driving white farmers into extinction”

South Africa is a land wrought with heartache. Vengeance for the Apartheid-era has culminated in...

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Corrupt Police Facilitate Farm Attacks, Says Expert

We are less than 40 days into 2018. Forty days, 41 farm attacks, and five murders on white farms. This is South Africa. Set against the total number of violent crimes in this country where murder and shootings are commonplace, globalists will argue that these figures are statistically insignificant. But if you use a baseline of …

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Shots ring out

There's no such thing as true peace for South African farmers. Forever on guard, these...

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Katie Hopkins in South Africa: Farmer’s son traumatized by deadly attack

Bernard and his father came home to his farm from church that Sunday to start the braai...

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Katie Hopkins in South Africa: Farm security comes at a high price

This farm, situated in the Eastern part of South Africa, more closely resembles a super-max prison...

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When there’s “no outside interference,” then “black and white work together really well”

Spending time with members of South Africa’s black farming community, I'm struck by a sobering truth...

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In South Africa, Plaasmoorde Spells Murder

It’s a strange feeling walking here among the crosses. Hundreds and hundreds of them, staggered about as if their final journey up the...

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The Plight of South Africa’s Farmers, As Captured in Photos

Please help me continue this important investigation and work in South Africa. To contribute to my crowdfund please click here. 

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