Can You Feel It? Populist Political Movements Sweep the West

Do you feel it?

Like the crackle near electricity wires, or the buzz from a speaker about to jump into life. I feel it in the tips of my fingers and the hairs standing up on my arms.

Change is here.

The populist forces that unite the Conservative movement are coming together and even the most skeptical can now see the evidence that surrounds us.

From Poland to Hungary, from Germany to Spain and on into southern Italy, people are voting to take back their country. They are voting against open borders, against European bureaucratic control, and in support of the Judeo-Christian culture we wish to defend.

And as we rise up we feel the community growing, extending, and we reach out to each other, to hold hands around the globe; a resurgent Conservative movement, stronger together.

There are true leaders lighting the way.

Viktor Orban, the Prime Minister of Hungary, stands as a defender of European Christianity against the Islamic invasion. He has refused to take more migrants and has erected a razor-wire fence along Hungary’s southern border with Serbia. A fence for which he wants the EU to pay.

He knows migrant quotas are not the answer.

“Quotas are an invitation for those who want to come. The moral human thing is to make clear, please don’t come.”

He is agitating with the leaders of Europe for change:

“Everything which is now taking place before our eyes threatens to have an explosive consequence for the whole of Europe. Those arriving represent a radically different culture. Most of them are not Christians but Muslims. This is an important question, because Europe and European identity is rooted in Christianity. Is it not worrying in itself that European Christianity is now barely able to keep Europe Christian? There is no alternative. And we have no option but to defend our borders.”

His message echoed in Italy. In the recent elections of March 4th, over 50% of Italians voted for parties committed to putting Italy first and stopping the migrant invasion.

It was a cry from the heart of Italians who want their country back. The Five Star Movement, the Euroskeptic and anti-establishment party led by Luigi Di Maio, achieved a massive 32.6% of the votes and made unprecedented gains in the south.

I have sat with the migrants right there in southern Italy. They have comfortable lives in former tourist hotels, receiving €45 each per day. They receive pocket money, food and legal aid. Most have their own bedroom and bathroom, and spend their days on the beach playing football.

While I was in the town the migrants organized a protest because the rice being served was too soft and the WiFi too slow. They live an easier life and earn more for doing nothing than the many native-born Italians forced to live among them.

The election results don’t surprise any of us who have bothered to travel to these towns, to watch and to listen.

Celebrating his victory, the future premier and brilliant Italian Party League leader Matteo Salvini, said:

“In Italy, Italians will decide from now on. Not Berlin. Nor Paris. Nor Brussels.”

There is radical change afoot in Germany, too. Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) will become the main opposition party in the Bundestag. The liberal media labels the party “far right”; in truth, this is the first nationalist party to enter the German parliament in half a century.

Whenever Merkel makes a statement in the parliament, the AfD will be the first to respond. In budget debates, the AfD will get to speak ahead of the government.

The AfD has installed Peter Boehringer, an outspoken critic of the Eurozone and of the European Central Bank, as chair of the influential budget committee. And the AfD has also secured chairmanship of two other parliamentary committees: legal affairs and tourism.

During the four months in which Merkel has struggled desperately to form a coalition to maintain her tenuous grip on power, the AfD has been hard at work, learning how the Bundestag works, filing questions centered on migration and left-wing extremism. They are ahead of the game.

The German leftists are perplexed. The left-wing German daily newspaper Die Tageszeitung, or the Taz, wrestled with the change:

“The AfD tolerated Nazi slogans. Gets caught up in internal fights and uses parliament as an agitprop stage, but that doesn’t seem to affect their popularity. Apparently AfD voters want precisely that:  a right-wing protest party.”

This disbelief is echoed, with chronic confusion, across every media news outlet and op-ed piece from Hungary to Italy.

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The progressive media simply cannot believe it. That this is what people want! Such is the bubble in which they live, they continue to deny the truth of the people even as the clamoring becomes a roar and the populists surge to victory and political power.

Surrounded by populist success, progressives still put on their best confused faces and struggle to understand why huge majorities have risen up and overthrown the people they championed.

Across eastern and western Europe, and reaching across to America and our friends in Australia, Conservatives are united around the things that matter most to us all.

We want control over our own country. We want strong borders. We want our own culture and value-set protected. We do not want mass, indiscriminate immigration. And we want to put our country and our people first.

This is what we want. This is why Germans, Italians, Hungarians and Brits have voted as they have.

And I believe the real powerbase for this movement is America and Donald Trump.

His populist agenda to Make America Great Again, delivering huge benefits to the American economy, is a beacon of hope.

I truly believe that under Obama America was no longer the leader of the free world. At best it was the follower of too many liberals, headed up by one good-looking guy who was brilliant at talking.

But now there is a businessman at the helm. And Trump has amassed a long and remarkable list of actions and accomplishments that rise above political argument and speak for themselves.

The level of those filing for unemployment in the USA is at its lowest in 45 years. The unemployment rate for black Americans is at an all-time low. Trump has facilitated the biggest tax reform in history, which led to Apple being obliged to repatriate $350 billion into the economy over the next five years. The Dow Jones Industrial Average traded above 25,000 points to an all-time high on January 4, 2018. The list goes on and on.

As I sat at CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) watching Trump give the best speech of his career as President thus far, it wasn’t just his words that thrilled me, even though the news that he is going to run and win in 2020 lit up the room.

My favorite thing about the event was that I was surrounded by young people, active, urgent, determined to fight for the Conservative cause – and to agitate for a win.

And so, I find myself terrified and thrilled all at once. Terrified for the state of Great Britain, for how we have let ourselves fall, for the sorry state to which we’ve been reduced; my message to other countries is that you do not want to become like us.

But I am equally thrilled — thrilled by the new hope erupting across Europe, the tidal wave of populism borne out of a rejection of mass immigration and inspired by the Democrats trembling at Trump’s success in the United States.

Sometimes we are so busy battling through each day with our heads down that we forget to look up at what is happening beyond our little world.

Now is the time to look up. Look around. There is hope. Change is here.

The EU is much weakened. Merkel is fatally wounded and the Italian leftist leadership has been forced to resign. Sweden will be next to make a stand. Even the New York Times was forced to finally admit Sweden’s newfound crime epidemic is directly related to its migrant crisis.  

I am fiercely proud that we are on the march and I applaud us all. The Conservative cause has never felt so relevant or true.

Now is the time to unite and rally. Resist the narrative, know your truths and agitate for the cause.

Support the populists wherever you find them, and elevate the voices of those who will help your voice to be heard.

Now is our time. Now is the time to get furious.

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