Boris is right about the burqa — and most Brits agree with him

Yes, yes, we hear you.

You’re offended by what Boris Johnson had to say.

You are upset he likened burqas to post-boxes, and those who wear them to bank robbers. And you are particularly cross he believes burqas look ridiculous.

Which, they do. Have you ever sat near women in face veils trying to eat? I have. They ordered spaghetti. It was messy.

(If I have one piece of advice for women who choose to dress like letter-boxes, it is this: order something easy. Like soup, perhaps, with a straw. Or a milkshake. In fact, smart Muslims might consider a Camelbak – you know, those backpacks crazy cyclists wear, with a tube that dangles down so you can drink on the move.)

Either way, the UK is in outrage mode and there are two clear positions on display:

Boris is a racist and Islamophobe and any criticism of the burqa is the moral equivalent of murdering your own sister. One daft Doris from Sky News, reaching like a dog whose bowl is impossibly high up on the kitchen counter, opined that burqas are no different to the traumatic facial injuries suffered by war heroes…

Boris is quite right and is merely saying out loud what most regular Brits think – particularly Brits who are more inclined to vote along Boris’ political lines.

And there’s the crux of it:

All the people I bumped into yesterday think Boris is right, as evidenced by Sky’s own poll which was hastily removed from screens when it turned out 60 per cent of those questioned agreed with the Blond One — and the majority didn’t think he should apologise, either.

A leading imam has also come out in support of Boris. Dr Taj Hargey says:

“There is no Koranic legitimacy for the burka,” adding: “It is a nefarious component of a trendy gateway theology for religious extremism and militant Islam.”

Boris is not a fool. He didn’t write an article in support of the freedom to wear the burqa and implant a few hand grenades in the opening paras by accident. This was precision stuff — his clarion call to Conservatives. And a nod back to Trump campaign advisor Steven Bannon: He gets it; he knows what will mobilise the base when the time comes.

Watching Parliament react has been a thing of scripted elegance, too.

Unelected Baroness Warsi has maxed out on TV time yelling her head off in support of the Islamic massive. You will recall she was plucked by David Cameron from her life as a provincial solicitor and elevated directly to the House of Lords as the country’s youngest peer, and thence into the Cabinet as Britain’s first female Muslim Cabinet minister. All this without the British people EVER casting a vote in her name. She is no more than a woman with a title and an opinion.

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The Remainers, still self-soothing over losing the vote on the EU, are enjoying this opportunity to lynch a pro-Brexit member of their own team.

And staunch anti-democracy Conservatives, like sour-pants (Anna) Soubry and Dominic Grievous (Grieve) said they would quit if Boris was ever in a leadership role.

Is that a promise, my dears?

They are deaf to the cheers from the proletariat like me who see this as even more of a reason to vote for the Blond One should the time arrive.

Labour must be relieved to finally be out of the spotlight as anti-Semites and Hamas-supporting hoodlums who want to turn us into a Palestinian version of Venezuela. No matter the subject, they are just pleased to catch a break.

Although, naturally, Labour is also “outraged and appalled,” because political Islam demands it. And what political Islam demands, it gets.

Away from all this predictable furore, which amounts to angry squirrels dancing in the hope of being thrown a nut, a few more pertinent issues remain:

At precisely the same moment as British politicians are navel-gazing over a few words of copy on a page, and militant Muslims are busy shouting about how offended they are, brave women in Iran are removing their hijab and burqas, leading the protest against the brutal Islamic regime, and risking their lives for the freedom they aren’t allowed to enjoy:

The freedom to not be covered by a cloth over their faces.

These women who dare defy the mullahs are arrested and often “disappeared.” Yet they are committed to the fight.

Our media refuse to cover these truths.

Also overlooked in all the noise is the simple fact that Boris’ article argued against banning the burqa.

So the real furore is not over the burqa. It is over anyone daring to criticise anything to do with Islam. The offence-takers and the apologists, whether Conservatives, Remainers, Labour or the Muslim mafia, are all reacting because criticism of anything to do with Islam — be it clothing, schools or food — is prohibited in the UK.

And that simple fact is what should be nagging away at all of us:

That it is not acceptable to criticise Islam in the UK.

The Tories are demanding we be compliant. Sharia-compliant. Sharia UK.

Right now we need Boris to make like a rock. Never apologise, never explain. It only encourages the bastards.

And the good people of Britain can already feel this country slipping away underfoot.

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