Anti-Israel posters in London just the latest reason “it is time for Jews to leave the UK”

Speaking to my Israeli friends here in the UK, I am struck by how little of what’s going on in the streets of our capital is permeating through the thick smog of multicultural waffle and pro-Palestinian rhetoric that dominates media discourse.

So here’s the latest on the ground:

The leader of the UK Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn, wanted to allow members and supporters of the Labour party to continue to describe Israel as racist.

So much so that he attempted to include an addendum to the agreed definition of anti-Semitism, that would enable people to describe Israel as racist on the basis of the “circumstances around its foundation.”

His addendum was rejected by the Executive Committee.

But his efforts were not in vain.

His actions laid the groundwork for a caveat to be put in place, such that that the IHRA’s (International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s) definition has only been adopted “alongside a statement which ensures this will not in any way undermine freedom of expression on Israel or the rights of Palestinians.”

Tomayto; tomahto. Addendum; caveat. Two ways of saying the same thing. Labour wants its members to be able to call Israel racist. And has formalised their right to do so.

Of course, this kind of hateful rhetoric does not present in words alone. Tacit approval from the political leadership bolsters activists and excitables on the ground to take action, their hatred fed and watered by the supportive climate created at the top.

Within hours, these posters appeared around London, at Waterloo, and Westminster Bridge and in Bloomsbury:

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They were quickly picked up and circulated somewhat over-enthusiastically by the supportive press – namely the Evening Standard, London’s daily megaphone.

And on Twitter, the group Lonfon Palestine Action applauded the initiative, though it did not claim responsibility for it:

Further down the media food chain, something far more sinister is occurring:

People are seeing these posters and not giving them a second glance.

This is the process of normalising hatred towards the Jews of London in action — and it’s an action Corbyn has dug his heels in to defend.

Meanwhile, the Muslim mayor and most Muslim communities in London’s boroughs certainly aren’t complaining. Labour is winning this unconscionable war on the ground in London.

In a statement on Tuesday night, the Jewish Leadership Council said:

“It has now become absolutely clear that the leader of the party attempted shamefully to undermine the entire IHRA definition.”

But it is my Jewish friends, individuals — not organisations — who most keenly feel the impact of Corbyn’s approach and the attitude it fosters, the normalisation of hate posters, the antipathy of London’s Muslim mayor.

They tell me it is time for Jews to leave the UK. That “this is no place for our children to call home.”

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