What traditional Brits can learn from the rest of the world (especially America)

In a recent address to a group of British conservatives, I contrasted the current situation in the UK with what I’ve seen in my travels around the world. What can traditional British men and women learn from their international counterparts, especially those in America? Yes, there IS reason for hope — but we must take …

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I crashed the London “Remain” rally — in disguise

In London this weekend, people opposed to Britain leaving the EU, and seeking to overturn the result of the 2016 Referendum, came together to march in protest. They call themselves the Peoples Vote. And have attracted support from celebrities allied with the intellectual elites of London. Sadiq Khan, the London Mayor, also took to their …

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“This country is perfectly mad”: Outside Anjem Choudray’s bail house in exclusive London neighbourhood

Today UK hate preacher Anjem Choudary got out of prison after serving half of this five-and-a-half year sentence — and after refusing to participate in “de-radicalisation” programs. So I went to the bail house where he was brought before dawn. What do the locals in this nice London neighbourhood think about Choudary’s presence?

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Katie Hopkins’ guide to Bavarian political parties

Here in Donauwörth, Bavaria – the competition for votes is on. I took a walk down the Main Street to say hello to the three main parties – the Greens, the Alternative Fur Deutschland, and the Christian Social Union. Given the issues with the migrant centre in town, the AfD is expected to perform well.

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FULL INTERVIEW Katie Hopkins and Uli Henkel Munich AFD candidate

The Alternative Fur Deutschland are often described as far-right. I think this is a long way from the truth.  To me, they are patriots and populists, representing the silenced masses who are tired of being put at the back of the queue and suffering at the hands of the migrants Merkel is determined to defend. …

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FULL INTERVIEW: Katie Hopkins and AFD Representative Wolfgang Dörner

Wolfgang Dörner is an AFD representative from Nuremberg who spoke to me about his party’s prospects in this weekend’s Bavarian election. Wolfgang explained that one of the biggest challenges his party faces is the unwillingness of voters to be open about their support for the AFD. He also recounted a story about members of the …

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Katie Hopkins: Introduction to the Bavarian election

Bavaria’s election is this weekend and I wanted to give our viewers a briefing on the political situation in this German State.  Bavaria’s one of the wealthier regions of Germany, with an unemployment rate of 2.6 percent and large factories owned by global brands like BMW, Audi, and Addidas. On the surface, it’s a great …

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Watch all the reports from Katie Hopkin’s investigative trip to Bavaria

I receive a large number of emails from our friends in Germany asking for help to report honestly on the upcoming elections. They are tired of the mainstream media bias and fear that support for new and bold parties will not be reflected accurately in the German media. So here I am. These will be …

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